About Us.

The Anonymous Nation of Netizen Solidarity is a multi-state, multi-national, internet based collective of activists, hacktivists, and promoters and supporters of a free and peaceful world and society.

This group is only meant to be a forum in which we all may communicate, share ideas, and plan events. The Anonymous Nation lives and thrives in each and every one of us. It has no borders, no limits, no official language, ethnicity, or political affiliation. We are willfully blind to social, economic, religious, and political statuses. We share our environment freely and openly. We have but one simple rule which must never be broken and it is as follows:

1. Hate breeds hate, thus no hate will be tolerated. The working definition of hate includes but is not limited to: Violence or the avocation of violence, threats, intimidation, and comments or posts meant to discriminate, provoke, humiliate or otherwise negatively impact any individual on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, occupation, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and/or any perceived difference that unnecessarily singles any individual out from the group.

Greetings all newcomers,

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the Anonymous Nation. As we are all equally invested in our world, I encourage everyone to freely post and comment on any subject you feel is worthy of sharing and debating about. No posts or comments will be censored, however, if the perceived intent of the comment or post breaks the only rule, I reserve the right to remove it as admin of this group. This does not mean all posts or comments that people feel threatened by will be removed. For example, civil discussions or debates on gender equality, race relations, or religion are perfectly valid and will not be removed. If at any time a member brings to my attention a "problem individual" or comment/post (e.g. a troll),

I will hold a vote of removal and the members will vote on whether the individual or post/comment should be removed. I must stress that this group is intended to be for the people and by the people as much as possible and I will not abuse any advantage I have as admin of this group. Please, comment, post, and share this group with as many people as you like. Invite whoever you like to be a part of the Anonymous Nation. I sincerely hope that the information and experience you receive here will positively impact your life and the lives of others. Together we can and must bring real change to this world as it is the only one we have. Thank you for coming.

- Spartacus Gandhi